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Pricing Plan

Joining Universal SuSu is free. Cost associated with joining a particular SuSu community will be decided by the community SuSu administrator. Universal SuSu will charge a flat admin fee equal to US $50 at the time of member payout for SuSus we manage.
Independent administrators that manage their own SuSus will be responsible for admin fees for their Communities. They will also be required to put a credit, debit or other payment method on file with us to handle monthly charges.

Create Account

Plan your next step

Setting-up an account is simple and easy. If you’re looking to join a particular SuSu community, register with your individual details, complete your member profile, search for the name of the community you want to join and become a member. Joining a community is subject to you being approved by the Community admin.

Create a Community

Retirement Planning

If you’re an administrator looking to create a locked SuSu community, this is the solution for you. We offer a proprietary estimations and planning tool that allows you to create a community and see how factors like number of members, monthly contributions, percentage of people paid at a time and how reserves will affect your community.

Invite Members

Support and Sell

If you have a master list for people in your group, our technical team we create accounts and import your user list into the system. The system will then send email notifications to the imported list of new members. Additionally, admins or individuals can send email invitations to anyone as needed.

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